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Monday, April 5, 2010


This is a sort of reverse dictionary.
We know meaning or a part of the meaning of a word. But, we do not know the word itself. We try to recollect the word from our memory. We may end miserable, because of poor memory. This search, will probably help.

More verbs will be added shortly.
This search is case-sensitive.


To meet in opposition or with hostile intent; to engage
in conflict with | Encounter.`
To confront, either by chance, suddenly, or deliberately

| Encounter.`
Call for reappearance of a singer | Encore.`
Call for repetition of a song | encore.`

gain, succeed, win | win`

Tending or disposed to maintain existing institutions;

opposed to change or innovation | Conservative.`
Apt to believe on slightest evidence | Credulous.`
amateur, novice | dilettant; ant: connoisseur.`
An enthusiastic admirer or follower; a fan | aficionado.`
A natural or acquired disposition or capacity for a Able to discriminate or distinguish: a mind of great

discriminating abilities | diacritical.`
Of or associated with sacred persons or offices | sacerdotal, hieratic.`

wipe out, obscure, blot out, rub off, veil, hide, efface, kill | obliterate`

wholly do away with | Abolish.`
increase speed | accelerate.`
hasten progress | Accelerate.`
One who calculates insurance premium| Actuary.`
increase the gravity of an offence or the

intensity of a disease|
turn friends into enemies| Alienate.`
Collection of feedback, and monitoring and adjustment of

systems, processes and structures in an organisation |

Existing at the same time | monochronic,

Shining in the night | noctilucous.``
Having opposite feelings| Ambivalent.`
A work whose author is unknown| Anonymous.`
Absence of government| Anarchy.`
A person liable to be called to account for his

action| Answerable.`
rise in value| Appreciate.`
fall in value| Depreciate.`
Belonging or pertaining to an individual from

birth| Congenital.`

Authorise another to exercise one's own authority|


Anything that is fit for eating; that which may be safely

eaten by man | esculent, edible.`
A thing that is fit to be eaten| Edible.`
Water fit for drinking| Potable.`

One who is qualifies for election| Eligible.`
explain something mysterious or difficult|

lay special stress on| Emphasize.`

root out an evil, disease| Eradicate.`
That which cannot be read| Illegible.`
A trade that is prohibited by law| Illicit.`

A sound that cannot be heard| Inaudible.`
A statement which cannot be understood|


That which cannot be explained| Inexplicable.`
A remedy which never fails| Infallible.`
A method that cannot be imitated| Inimitable.`
That which cannot be satisfied| Insatiable.`
One who is unable to pay his debts| Insolvent.`
That which cannot be hurt| Invulnerable.`
The action of looking back on past time|

A thing that cannot be seen with human eyes|

Looking into one’s own thoughts| Introspection.`
Remarks which do not apply to the subject under

loss or damage which cannot be compensated|

That cannot be altered or withdrawn| Irrevocable.`
The first speech made by a person| Maiden.`

perish slowly | rot.`
turn round as a wheel | rotate.`
checkered | Tessellated.`
Formed of little squares, as mosaic work | Tessellated.`
pertaining to the sense or organs of touch | tactual.`
That which follows by consequence or is logically

deducible | consectary, corollary.`
Give a place to | accommodate.`

Word to show that we agree strongly | Absolutely.`
Word to describe something which is on fire | Ablaze.`
Take away a person by force | Abduct.`
Stop a rule from being in force | Abolish.`
Change to become happy with a new place | Acclimatise.`
Leave secretly | Abscond.`
Go down a cliff, using a rope | Abseil.`

Strongly choose not to do a thing that we want to do.|

Go more quickly | Accelerate.`
Have something in large quantities | Abound.`
Make something worse | Acerbate.`
Verb to express interest on money becoming due and

accumulating | Accrue.`
Finish some object or attain some goal | Accomplish.`
Agree that something is true | Acknowledge, accept.`
Make something to start going | Actuate, Activate.`
Show something to prove that something else is true |

Follow rules, stick to principles and procedures |

Love somebody or something with awe | Adore.`
Praise a person | Adulate.`
Go forward (ahead of time, or in distance) | Advance.`
Tell many people by publishing in Newspapers and showing

on TV Channels (usually paid) | Advertise.`
Tell helpful things to friends and others | Advise

Argue on behalf of others | Advocate, Plead.`
Hurt somebody causing injuries | Afflict injuries.`
Confirm that something is true | Affirm.`
Make an effect on something | Affect (E.g. The drought

affected the crop).`
Strongly worry about something | Agonize.`
Make something worse | Aggravate.`
Verb to say that a person can pay or buy something (that

a person has the money needed and that he can bear the

expenditure involved) | Afford.`
Verb to show that a person can pass on the title of a

property to somebody and hand over its possession |

Strongly disagree or talk against something | Abjure.`
Become less strong | Abate (The flood has abated).`
Stop something before it is finished | Abort (The

Government aborted its proposal to raise Petrol Prices).`
Make something short in size | Abridge (The Publisher is

trying to abridge the dictionary).`
Forgive somebody of his liability /obligation

/responsibility | Absolve.`
Praise somebody saying good things about them | Acclaim.`
Court declaring somebody as innocent or not wrong |

Acquit (Ant: Convict).`
Change or tune oneself to the changes in the environment

| Adapt, Attune.`
Ask somebody strongly to do something | Adjure.`
Look where you want to go or at what you want to achieve |

Help somebody | Aid.`
Tell somebody in advance about some danger | Alarm.`
Make something to be on the same plane | Align.`
Make less the intensity of something | Allay (A lawyer

tries to allay the fears of his client).
Say that something is true, which is yet to be proved |

Allege (The M.P. alleged that he was offered a million

dollars for the favor).`
Make less the difficulties and pains | Alleviate,

Not stop somebody from doing something | Allow.`
Join with a person to do an action together | Ally.`
Change something | Alter.`
Change turns between two things | Alternate.`
Join together, mix together | Amalgamate.`
Accumulate things or money | Amass.`
Surprise people with praiseworthy actions/quality | Amaze.`
Cut off (usually limbs) | Amputate (The Doctors amputated

his left leg, as gangrene set in).`
Make people laugh, entertain people | Amuse.`
Change something, modify something | Amend.`
Make a thing more loud, increase the sound | Amplify.`
Give life to something, move something like a live object |

Destroy somebody | Annihilate.`
Write a few words about something | Annotate.`
Inform people at a place (usually over public address

system or on T.V.) | Announce.`
Irritate a person and make him angry | Annoy.`
Cover one metal with another metal using anodes and

cathodes | Anodise.`
Cover head with oil, particularly during coronation

ceremony | Anoint.`
Reply to a question | Answer.`
Make enemies, Make persons angry | Antagonise

Dating something earlier than the current date | Antedate

(He antedated the cheque deliberately).`
Expecting in advance something to happen | Anticipate.`
Ask earnestly, go to a higher court for redressal of

injustice | Appeal.`
Beg pardon, seek forgiveness | Apologise.`
Show oneself before somebody or at somewhere | Appear.`
Clap hands in token of appreciation or encouragement |

Seek something | Apply for (I am applying for the job).`
Entrust/give a job or post or task, to a person |

Assess or evaluate a thing | Appraise.`
Hold a person firmly to prevent him from running away |

Anticipating danger | Apprehend.`
Going up in value or importance | Appreciate (The Dollar

value appreciated).`
Understand a problem (and cooperate) | Appreciate (You will

appreciate that unrest in the city has caused the delays in

Tell what has happened, narrate, report the events |

Apprise (The Secretary of State apprised the President,

about the developments in the Middle East).`
Come near something, somebody | Approach (We approached

Manhattan Island. He approached the Mayor for help.).`
Give a knod that something is good | approve.`
Come near something in quantity, quality | Approximate (The

garbage in the City approximates to a million tonnes).`
Come up or stand up | Arise (Doubts arise when a person

works; no work - no doubts).`
Supply weapons to somebody | Arm (Al Qaida or CIA is arming

the infiltrators and terrorists).`
Bring out of sleep | Arouse (Bolivar aroused patriotic

fervor in Latin America).`
Take a person to a court for crimes | Arraign.`
Organise and plan events | Arrange.`
Stop and make a person a prisoner | Arrest.`
Reach destination | Arrive.`
Self-appoint oneself for an undeserving authority or job or

post | Arrogate.`
Express oneself clearly before people who can appreciate

such open talk | Articulate (The President articulated his

views on a number of issues).`
Climb, Go up in height or value | Ascend.`
Attribute the effect of something to another thing |

Fight against somebody, hit somebody | Assail.`
Examine the quality of a metal like gold | Assay gold.`
Meet at a place | Assemble.`
Put components or things together like computers |

Agree and concede | Assent (The President assented the

Health Reforms Bill).`
Say something strongly | Assert.`
Evaluate and estimate the price or quality of something or

some position | Assess.`
Give jobs, tasks, values | Assign.`
Help somebody | Assist.`
Ameliorate, alleviate feeling or pain or sentiments |

Take something as true without further questioning till

contrary is proved | Assume.`
Make somebody believe, by promising | Assure (The President

assured full and timely help to the quake victims).`
Stupify and surprise somebody | Astonish.`
Correct oneself of some sin or wrong action | Atone (Does

charity atone sins?).`
Join, affix, enclose something to another thing | Attach.
Fight forward offensively | Attack.`
Come to or gain something after effort and time | Attain.`
Try something | Attempt.`
Try to fix some problem | Attend the problem.`
Be at a place | Attend.`
Certify or State that something is true | Attest.`
Draw somebody or something towards oneself | Attract.`
Assign a quality to something | Attribute.`
Call for bids/offers and sell to the highest bidder |

Examine and certifying the truthfulness and veracity of

accounts of businesses | Audit.`
Delegate power and strength to a person to do something |

Make use of something | Avail.`
Hit back a hurting person in retribution | Avenge.`
Declare strongly that something is true | Aver.`
Turn away | Avert (The President averted a major war in

South America).`
Try to stay away from somebody or something | Avoid.`
Declare as if vowing or taking a pledge | Avow.`
Wait for somebody or something | Await.`
Stop somebody sleeping | Awaken.`
Give something in recognition of merit | Award.`

Talk foolishly and quickly | Babble.`
Lead and protect children when their parents are away,

(usually for money as a profession) | Baby-sit.`
Make a rule with retrospective effect and force |

Explode on the person who was firing | Backfire.`
Go back from an argument made upto that time |

Stop being good | Backslide.`
Move backward by one space | Backspace (verb).`
Go back to the original path to retrace the steps and

find what has happened | Backtrack.`
Make something difficult for a person to do a thing,

particularly by confusing or bewildering | Baffle.`
Deposit money as security or sign a security bond for

release of an accused person from prison | Bail (Parents

have to bail out their son, when arrested by police).`
Offer some food or something which an animal wants, with

an intent to catch it | Bait.`
Stop an action before a person finishes it.`
Make the sound of an angry dog | Bark.`
Come into a place with much noise or pushing | Barge.`
Use a rule to stop something from happening | Bar.`
Rest or sit with good feelings in an environment of

brightness | Bask in glory.`
Hit with much strength | Bash.`
Tour small towns for selling entertainment | Barnstorm.`
Get some transactions done in a bank | Bank (He banks

with Chase Bank).`
Administer a holy bath pouring water | Baptise.`
Obstruct somebody by placing things | Barricade.`
Expel a person from a place or a country | Banish.`
Exchange something for something else, without the

intervention of money | Barter.`
Make a loud, short sound about a person | Bang.`
Fasten a sour with a piece of cloth | Bandage.`
Stop something before it is finished | Balk.`
Cook in a dry place | Bake.`
Change the shape of something, Lower one's own body |

Make thinking about something not clear | Bemuse.`
Cover meat with oil while cooking | Baste.`
Fix a hole in cloth with a string | Baste.`
Hit a ball with a stick | Bat.`
Hold back breath | Bate.`
Cry noisily | Bawl.`
Cry like a dog.`
Carry burdens or expenses | Bear.`
Say that we are not happy with something | Bemoan (The

Mayor bemoaned the lack of discipline in the Citizens).`
Make loud noise like an angry cow | Bellow.`
Make a person feel small | Belittle.`
Think that somebody is right or something is true |

Send air from the stomach to the mouth with sound (often

due to indigestion) | Belch.`
See | Behold.`
Cut or severe the head of somebody or some animal |

Act in a particular way | Behave.`
Trick a person into believing what we say as true |

Envy and grumble that somebody has better things |

Start something | Begin.`
Have children | Beget children.`
Pray for something | Beg.`
Happen | Befall, befell, befallen.`
Make a clear, short sound resembling the horn of a car |

Cover with beautiful garments and ornaments | Bedeck with

gold, bedeck with garments, bedeck with ornaments etc.`
Put hurdles in work | Bedevil.`
Make things difficult for somebody by surprising a person

| Bedazzle.`
Change to be somebody or something | Become.`
Grow to be somebody or something | Become.`
Invite a person by calling, moving hands or head |

Hit physically | Beat.`
Mix liquids quickly | Beat.`
Defeat somebody in games | Beat.`
Project rays of light through air | Beam.`
Wash oneself or somebody with water | Bathe.`
Whiten fruits or vegetables by immersing them in hot wate

| Blanch.`
Say that somebody is the cause of failures or troubles |

Put somebody or something on 'forbidden' list |

Make something black | Blacken.`
Pull or squeeze with teeth | Bite, bit, bit.`
Cut into two equal parts | Bisect.`
Tie somebody or something together | Bind.`
Hold somebody or something together | Bind.`
Give a place to a person or soldier for a limited stay |

Move in big round shapes pushed by air | Billow (The

clouds are billowing).`
Hand over somebody a list of amounts to be paid | Bill

(The London Hotels bill heavily).`
Avoid paying money which is due | Bilk.`
Show oneself and speak | Bespeak.`
Push around from all sides | Besiege.`
Ask earnestly | Beseech.`
Rate a person at a lower level | Berate.`
Gift something to a person, to be made available after

the donor's death | Bequeath.`
Approach or attack somebody to create problems for them |

Apply somebody with some paste and rub, making them dirty

| Besmirch.`
Gift, give | Bestow.`
Make something to move after resting | Bestir.`
Cry for somebody or something | Bewail (The child is

bewailing for its mother).`
Promise to marry a person | Betroth.`
Promise to marry off one's son or daughter | Betroth.`
Agree to pay or receive some money or something depending

on whether the contested issue happens or not, is true or

not | Bet.`
Argue on some trifles | Bicker.`
Hit somebody or something with one's fist | Biff.`
Spending away time by staying or waiting | Bide.`
Make a loud sound, like that of a horn | Blare.`
Cry like a goat or a sheep | Bleat.`
Destroy fighting strongly | Blitz.`
Become a flower from a bud | Bloom.`
Make movement of somebody/something difficult or stop |

Mix something(s) to get new things or smoothen them |

Whiten something (often using chemicals like Chlorine) |


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